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The journey of a person as a writer starts very early. As a kid, you have short and simple tasks, as a student – much bigger and more complicated. Entering a college or university means that you are going to write dissertations, course works and other kinds of huge papers. But there is one thing that remains the same – you will always need to look for the sources. Searching for the information is more of a torture. Libraries are full of books, but it takes a while to find something relevant to your work. Web sites will ask for money before you even choose a thing to read. This is when an annotated bibliography comes handy. It guides you through the books faster than any feedbacks and abstracts.

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Also, you don’t have to pay to find one. But what if you have to write it yourself? Let’s find out how to get your annotated bibliography done. There are a few moments we need to clarify before we start. First of all, bibliography might sound like a very fancy word, when it actually is just a list of sources used while working on a certain paper. What does the word “annotated” changes? It means that the list will look a lot bigger, as you add a summary of a book after you mention it. As everything seems clear now, let’s move on.

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Your personal annotated bibliography helper How can you help yourself to start working on an annotated bibliography? There are four easy steps to guide you through the process. Step 1. Consult your teacher or instructor There are many details you need to know before you start: the format of writing, a number of sources to cite, type of annotation, length and amount of paragraphs. So if you don’t have any of this information, don’t be shy and ask your teacher to provide you with it. Step 2. What is your type? Know exactly what kind of task you have, as there are many different kinds of annotations: • Summary It may look hard to summarize the whole book, but you don’t even have to fully read it in order to do it.

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Include some information on the author, which describes the education and skills he or she has to write on the topic. Briefly state the main arguments, mention the most important topics and the data they provide you with. • Assessment This type of annotation requires you to evaluate the book. Outline both strength and weaknesses of the source. Look at the structure, readability and reliability of it. There are a few additional questions to help you. Wait until the step 3 to find out. п»ї

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• Relevancy Why have you chosen these sources exactly and how are they relevant to your topic? It should be obvious for you, but may not be understandable to a reader. Mention the kind of information that made you choose, and the way that every source had helped you while writing. • Comparison All of the books you have cited should differ somehow. Some of them provide you with more information, and others have better examples. Think of three to five criteria you are going to use to compare and stick to them in every annotation. Also, you may be asked to do all of that in one. This is the most time-consuming task, as you need to know a lot of information about the sources. However, the structure is pretty easy, as it is not hard to relate all of the annotation types above.

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The only problem is – you will have to be brief as never before. If all each separate type is approximately 180 words long, do not do the math and add, as you will have to limit yourself to 550 words in total. Place Order Step 3. Choose the sources It is better to start looking for a book or an article when you know a reliable writer. Check out the books your teacher had recommended or find the authors he had mentioned. Read as much as you can before choosing a few relevant ones. Scan a table of contents, read the abstract and information about the author.

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There are some things you have to pay attention to while reading: • Does the author have an authority to write in this field? • Is the author writing about facts, or it is just an opinion? • Is the book organized logically? • Isn’t the content outdated? • What is the intended audience? • Is the author objective? • Can this book help you write your paper?

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his way you can get rid of all the unnecessary material faster to find something that will United states Education really help. Even though you will spend a lot of time trying to choose the literature to use that will give your work a massive head start, and you will understand the topic better. Don’t forget to take notes on the books and the authors you have chosen, so you can always get back to them if you need to and use this notes while writing. Step 4. Start writing. If your teacher still has not given you any directions, there are some standard requirements anyway. The style of writing is usually MLA or APA. The length depends on a purpose, but it is always better to make your annotations as short as you can, as best ones are about 200 words long. However, if it is an all-in-one kind of work, you can’t possibly fit everything in a single paragraph, so once again – it is better to know the purpose.

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Don’t forget to proofread after you finish writing. There is a high possibility that you have a mistake or few. Use an online program or a writing service to help yourself. Annotated bibliography writing help It is a well-known fact that annotated bibliography takes some time to write. So what should you do when your work is due tomorrow? Get an annotated bibliography help online right now! Let the professional writers take care of your work while you do anything you want. If you have just one night to write your paper, custom an annotated bibliography and get a nice sleep. There is no need to overstrain yourself when you can always get someone to help you 24/7!